As long as commercial criteria apply, we cannot pretend to save the world’s less-used languages. However, if those criteria are relaxed, if the models of internationalizationand localization can come across into zones of altruistic zeal, there is no technical reason for any limit on the number of language varieties able to enter the fields concerned. The technologies can be used to bring those languages into the electronic sphere. That alone will not save languages from extinction (using a computer and surfing the web are still not major activities for social relation). But it should put paid to ideologies of English-the-killer-language working hand-in-hand with technology. Localization processes can help the survival of more languages, not fewer. And they can do so by abandoning the nationalism of the larger standardized languages [Pym, 2004]


iu vo’ giocà with uno gatto
‘I want to play with a cat’

Lev Manovich: Software takes command

In short: does “media” still exist?